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Timeline for a Personal Injury Case

The timeline for a personal injury case is dependent on a number of factors. Schedule a free case evaluation today to discuss your case. Contact our office.

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How long will it take to settle a personal injury case?


Timeline for a Personal Injury CaseClients sometimes ask how long a case is going to take. The answer is it depends on where they are in terms of the treatment of their injuries. Some injuries take longer to treat, and some injuries take less. We need to wait until treatment is complete so that we have a complete picture of the injuries and their consequences. What we always do at the Chavez Law Firm is push our cases. We push our cases as aggressively as possible, always taking into consideration the needs of the client and what is best for the client so that we can maximize their compensation and their recovery from those who have harmed them.

Were you or a loved one seriously injured in an accident in Texas and have questions about how long a personal injury case will take?
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