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5 Mikhail Atayde via 

Very strong team, working like a family and making me feel like one of their own. The company and employees will always hold a place in my heart.


5 Elora Mccarthy via 

Staff is very kind made experience easier, educated staff


5 Anthony F. via 

Moved to El Paso from Odessa for work.  Found an apartment, moved in.  I discovered this apartment had bed bugs.  My body was covered in bites.  Apartment management contended that the apartment had no bed begs prior to my moving in.  I had to go to a hotel on two occasions for treatment to apartment by pest control.  Apartment management refused to pay for my two separate stays at hotels during treatments.  Long story short, I hired Chavez Law Firm and in less than two weeks I had a settlement that i was happy with. The process (once I hired Chavez Law Firm) was quick and painless.  I constantly bombarded them with questions and emails about my case and they were always more than happy to take may calls and answer me emails promptly with actual answers to my questions.  I would recommend the Chavez Law Firm to anyone in need of legal help or advice.  They achieved in about 1 week what I alone couldn’t achieve in weeks of trying.  Cant thank them enough


5 Silvia Iglesias via 

Enrique is awesome and his secretary is super nice God bless you Esther


5 Douglas B. via 

Chavez Law. Very professional, friendly and effective personal attention by Mr Chavez. He won my case and we settled out of Court for a very considerable amount. Highly recomended.


5 Deb Watkins via 

Excellent law firm , great service , solved my case!! Thank you Mr. Chavez


5 Anthony via 

Long story short, I moved to El Paso from Odessa for work. I do this frequently considering my line of work. Anyway, I had been in Odessa since late July when I got the word I was moving to El Paso in late October. I had been renting a house in Odessa and stayed there without incident from July till October. I moved to EL Paso and stayed at a hotel for two days prior to moving into an apartment in El Paso. A few days into my stay at this new apartment, I discovered this apartment had bed bugs. The management of this apartment complex insisted that there were no bed bugs in the apartment prior to my moving in. My body was covered in bite marks from my ankles to the middle of my neck. The management of this complex said I would have to leave in order for them to get a pest control unit in there to take care of the problem. The apartment complex said they would not pay for my temporary hotel stay which i thought was unfair. Anyway, after the apartment had been ‘cleaned’ by the pest control, i returned and was still being bitten every night. Again, for a second time, I had to wash and remove all of my personal belongings to do another pest control session. Again, I had to pay for another few days at a hotel for this pest control session. The management at this complex just kept saying the same thing; “Oh, we are so sorry for this”, “Im sure things will be fine soon”, all the while still maintaining they were not going to pay for my hotel stays. Their management was a joke. Every time I called or went into the office, they were constantly giving me the same BS lines. The manager never seemed to be in the office and anyone I ever talked to had no idea what was going on. I had had enough. I called Enrique Chavez Jr. Law Firm. I had a consultation and told them my story and they agreed to take my case. They reviewed my lease and instantly found inaccuracies. Lawyers at the firm drafted a letter and delivered it to Independence Place Apts and in less than two weeks, I had a settlement. The only thing about this situation that was quick and painless was dealing with the Chavez Law Firm. From the start, they were fantastic with keeping me updated on any developments pertaining to my case. I called many times, with many questions/concerns and they always took my calls and answered my emails promptly and with answers for my questions. I was just amazed that all it took was one letter from the Law Firm to achieve what I couldn’t achieve myself in weeks of trying. I can’t thank them enough for helping me when I felt like i had nowhere to turn. They were thorough, professional, and most importantly, got results. I would definitely recommend the Chavez Law Firm to anyone I knew in need of legal advice or representation. A special ‘shout-out’ to Heather for ALWAYS making herself available when i needed her to answer my questions and keeping me abreast of all developments.


5 Adriana Solis via 

My experience with Mr. Chavez was nothing but great! Him and his staff are very helpful and were always ready to answer any questions I had. The whole process was smooth and he fought real hard to get me a good settlement. I highly recommend the Chavez Law Firm. You will not be disappointed


5 Jacquelyn Pickens via 


5 Roberta Clutter via 

Awesome! that is all i can really say.


5 Rosario Munoz via 


5 Paco Padilla via 

CHÁVEZ LAS FIRM IS THE BEST!! Gracias abogado CHÁVEZ . un abogado muy profesional. ético. y muy amable. lo recomiendo ampliamente. … Enrique Chávez super gran abogado muy agradecida y todo su staff también amable y ético . Esthersita también gracias por su amabilidad . profesionalismo.


5 Valerie Macias via 


5 Roberta Ariola Clutter via 


5 Sergio Moreno via