Serious accidents and injury can turn a victim’s life upside down, especially if they are unable to afford their medical bills and property damage expenses. Perhaps you or a loved one is in this situation and need quality counsel and representation. Chavez Law Firm has been collectively practicing for 20 years and is dedicated to promoting and protecting the safety of the local community. We strive to do so by representing people who have been seriously injured by others who violated the rules set in place for their safety. “Accidents” only happen because these violators choose to ignore safety precautions that protect the community. Trials are often necessary so that rule breakers can be forced to accept responsibility for the injury that their actions have caused.

Each El Paso personal injury attorney with our firm truly cares for their clients and goes the extra mile to hold the liable party accountable for their actions. We prepare each client’s case with an eye toward trial so that we are ready no matter which direction the case takes. No matter how serious or complex your case may be, our attorneys have the dedication and experience. Fill out our online case evaluation form to submit your information and schedule your initial consultation. Our lawyers are prepared to represent you in any type of personal injury case.

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How El Paso Personal Injury Compensation Works

When you seek compensation, you are asking the liable party’s insurance company for an award to cover your injuries and damages. In a car accident, the liable party would be the other driver who hit you. In a negligent security case, it would be the property owner.

You can be compensated for the following:

  • Medical expenses, both past and future;
  • Lost wages/lost earning capacity, both past and future;
  • And, pain and suffering, both past and future.

Medical expenses, lost wages, and lost earning capacity is an easier calculation to make than pain and suffering. That is because there are dollar amounts attached to the bills and paychecks, and you can more easily calculate those things. Pain and suffering is more abstract and difficult to put a dollar amount on. That number may be determined by a jury after they have looked at how much this accident has affected your life.

Rules of Modified Comparative Negligence

When there is a compensation award that has been decided, there is an additional factor that goes into how much you can collect. In every accident case, there are insurance negotiations that determine who was responsible for what and by how much. If, for instance, someone was involved in a truck accident where that truck was driving erratically and they tried to speed to get around it, but ended up in an accident, they may be deemed partially at fault. Texas allows for injured parties to collect compensation even if they are partially at fault.

  • Injured parties who are 0% at fault get full compensation
  • Injured parties who are 1% – 50% at fault get reduced compensation
  • Injured parties who are more than 50% at fault get no compensation

Let’s say, in the scenario above, that the driver of the truck was 80% at fault and the injured person was then 20% at fault. If the injured party were awarded $100,000 for their injuries, they would be able to collect $80,000.

Types of Personal Injury Accidents We Handle

Our firm is dedicated to protecting the safety of the community and helping injured victims recover compensation for their damages. Were you injured because of someone else’s negligent or reckless behavior? Give us a call to learn how we can help you file a claim and fight for fair compensation.

Each case is highly individualized. When you are looking for a personal injury attorney, it is best to search for an attorney who has handled your particular case successfully. You do not want someone who has only just dabbled in your practice area. You want someone who knows the ins and outs of your case and will be able to do a thorough job of representing you. Your El Paso personal injury lawyer should be a trial attorney and should be someone who you trust. This case will take some time and you do not want to pick someone who you cannot work with and who you do not think will do a good job representing your case.

El Paso Personal Injury Statute of Limitations

When you pursue a personal injury case, you need to be aware that you are on a time constraint. Starting from the date of your accident, Texas allows you two years to bring your claim or have it settled in civil court. While it might seem like you have those two years to wait to talk to an attorney, that is not a wise thing to do. Your case is time-sensitive in many ways. If you were to wait to talk to an attorney, you might find that your evidence has disappeared, your witnesses have forgotten fine details of your accident, or that you have made some mistakes that could ruin your case. An attorney will be able to step in and make sure that you do not make mistakes. If you did not have an attorney right away, you might have given the insurance company a recorded statement, effectively jeopardizing your chance at full compensation. The sooner you call an attorney, the better. If you miss your statute of limitations, you will no longer be able to file a personal injury claim.

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An injury can change your life and you deserve to get compensation in the fullest and fairest amount for your damages. If you are looking for skilled, dedicated, and supportive representation, please do not hesitate to call our El Paso personal injury lawyers to set up a free, initial consultation. Chavez Law Firm truly cares for the safety of the El Paso community. The laws established in the community are enacted for people’s safety. They are meant to prevent harm, and anyone who violates these laws and rules should be held accountable.