5 Common Car Accident Questions

If you have been seriously injured in a car accident, check out these 5 common car accident questions. Then, call our Texas attorneys today.

1) Can I receive compensation if I was injured by a drunk driver?

5 Common Car Accident QuestionsSometimes, clients reach out to us because they or their loved ones have been hit by a drunk driver. Obviously, drunk driving is one of the most horrendous and serious types of crashes that can occur. We here at the Chavez Law Firm handle cases against drunk drivers and are experts in this area. We know that these types of cases are serious, and we give them the attention and resources that they deserve – serious attention and resources. If you believe that you have been involved in an accident related to the influence of alcohol or drugs, please give us a call. We’re happy to answer any questions that you have in those types of situations.

2) Should I talk to an insurance company about my car accident?

After a car crash, it is never a good idea to give a statement to the insurance company’s adjuster. Insurance companies are not in the business of paying out compensation to other people who have been injured. They’re in the business of making money for themselves and for their shareholders. Additionally, it’s been our experience as a firm that insurance companies at times have doctored statements and transcripts that people have given them to win a case. To avoid these scenarios, you need to talk to an attorney who is experienced in this area of the law to guide you through that process. We here at the Chavez Law Firm have the necessary trial experience, and we are ready, willing and able to answer all the questions that you have concerning your case. Please give us a call; we’re happy to help.

3) Can I recover lost wages after a car accident?

Oftentimes, clients involved in a car crash want to receive reimbursement for lost wages caused as a result of the injuries that they suffered. The first step in making sure that you have your lost wages fully and fairly compensated is hiring an attorney with trial experience in this area of the law. A firm such as ours with this type of experience knows what to do to move your case forward so that you get full and fair compensation from the insurance company of the negligent driver.

If you have questions about how to get fully compensated for your lost wages as a result of a negligent driver, please give us a call at the Chavez Law Firm. We will be happy to answer your questions.

4) What if I was injured by an uninsured driver?

On occasion, the other driver in a car wreck does not have liability insurance. Under those circumstances, we ask the client to bring in all of their own insurance documentation and what we do is we look for uninsured motorist coverage. Uninsured motorist coverage in Texas covers these sorts of situations. Sometimes, the other lies about their insurance status or employment status. A driver on the clock during an accident may well be covered by employer insurance. That is something that we at the Chavez Law Firm know to look for. The other driver not having insurance isn’t the end of the story. We are happy to answer any question that you might have about your case or about your situation.

5) What should I do after being injured in a car accident?

If you’re in a serious car crash here in El Paso, the first thing you should do – if you can and are able – is get as much information as you can from the other side, including insurance information and contact information. Also, make sure you get as much information from the police officers at the scene and witnesses as is possible. Additionally, you need to seek medical attention immediately so that we get a snapshot early on of what your injuries seem to be.

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