Child was Injured in a Friend’s Car

If your child was injured in a friend’s car, you will likely wonder who is responsible for their medical bills. Watch this video to find out the answer.

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My child was injured in a car accident with his friend’s family. How do we pay for his medical bills?


I often have calls from parents whose children have received serious injuries in a car crash; there’s nothing worse for a parent. Under Texas law, as a parent, you are entitled to compensation for all the medical expenses that have been incurred for your children’s injuries. Plus, your child is entitled to compensation through you for pain and suffering, emotional trauma, physical impairment in the past and future, and also potential, in the future, lost wages, if the injuries are serious enough.

Child was Injured in a Friend's CarWe at the Chavez Law Firm are empathetic to what you’re going through. We have the knowledge base and experience to help you as a parent and guide you through this horrible process. If you, unfortunately, find yourself in this situation, please give us a call at the Chavez Law Firm. We are passionate about helping you and your family get the compensation that you deserve.

Do you have a loved one who was severely injured in an auto accident in Texas and have questions about what to do if your child was injured in a friend's car? Contact experienced El Paso car accident lawyer Enrique Chavez Jr. today for a free case evaluation and case evaluation.

We are dedicated to protecting your rights and making sure the negligent party is held accountable.

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