Initial Settlement Offer

For most people, its unclear if taking the initial settlement offer from the insurance company is a good idea. Watch this video before making your decision.

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Should I take the insurance company’s initial offer after my car accident?


Not too long ago, I had a call from a person who was injured in a serious car crash where they broke their leg. The liability was clear, initially, on this case. There were significant injuries and there was liability. The insurance company did what they always try to do – they sent over an initial lowball offer to try to get out of their liability as cheaply as possible. The answer is, no, you should not take the initial lowball offer.

Initial Settlement OfferUnder Texas law, you are entitled all the compensation that you deserve for medical expenses, physical pain and suffering, plus emotional trauma, lost wages and even physical and emotional impairment into the future. We at the Chavez Law Firm know this. We have the knowledge base and experience to guide you through this process, so we would encourage you to give us a call.

Were you or a loved one severely injured in an auto accident in Texas and have questions about the initial settlement offer? Contact experienced El Paso car accident lawyer Enrique Chavez Jr. today for a free case evaluation and case evaluation.

No one should try to take on a car accident claim on their own. We want to help you.

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