Negligent Security Case Expectations

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1) Business Owner Denying Responsibility for an Injury

Negligent Security Case ExpectationsOftentimes in negligent premises security cases, the premises owners – whether it be a landlord of an apartment complex or the owner of a commercial mall or store – routinely deny liability. When they’re denying liability, they’re saying that didn’t know that there was a probability or a possibility of an incident occurring on their property. The law, however, says that if a premises owner knows of violent criminal activity or should know of violent criminal activity on their premises or around their premises, then they are responsible for any attack and any injuries caused as a result.

2) Choosing an Attorney

When choosing a negligent security attorney or a premises security attorney, the most important thing to do is look for an experienced trial attorney with experience in this area of the law. You need an experienced trial attorney in this area of the law because these are hard-fought cases, and you need somebody who knows what to look for and knows what questions to ask.

3) Giving a Recorded Statement After Injury

It is never a good idea to speak to the insurance adjuster representative for the premises or to the premises representative. Chances are these representatives are asking you questions in a way that isn’t aimed at getting the entire truth. Their purpose is to try to get you to say something that absolves their client or their company from being responsible for the damages that they have caused. An experienced trial lawyer with experience in this area of the law knows this, and they will know how to guide a client through the entire legal process.

4) Negligent Security Injury Claims

People who come to me for negligent security claims or premises security claims come to me because either they themselves or a loved one has been assaulted on commercial premises. What people don’t know about these types of claims is that the law protects consumers, customers, tenants, etc. from foreseeable criminal activity on these premises. An experienced trial lawyer will know to look for a history of prior criminal violent activity not just on the premises, but around the premises. Other things that an experienced trial lawyer with experience in this area of the law does is they look to see whether the premises is being kept up. For example, whether an apartment complex has adequate lighting or whether a mall has enough security.

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