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Timeline for a Rideshare Accident Injury Case

The timeline for a rideshare accident injury case is dependent on a number of factors. Schedule a free case evaluation today to discuss your case.

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How long will it take to settle a rideshare accident case?


Sometimes clients who have been injured in rideshare crashes or incidents ask me how long a case will take. It depends on a couple of factors. One is how long it will take for the client to go through the medical treatment. Timeline for a Rideshare Accident Injury Case Obviously, the longer the medical treatment goes on, the longer it takes to resolve the case. The reason for this is very simple – we have to wait until the treatment is done so that we have a full and complete picture as to what the injuries are, what the medical expenses are and what the prospects for returning to normal life are.

The other thing that takes a long time or is a factor in determining how long these cases take is whether or not the rideshare company, or maybe the other negligent driver’s insurance company, are negotiating in good faith. The truth of the matter is the only cases that go to trial are cases in which the insurance company or the rideshare company representative aren’t negotiating in good faith.

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