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Insurance Obstacles You May Face When Involved in a Ridesharing Accident

There are likely going to be obstacles when you ask the insurance company for compensation for your injuries and damages. Here are some key pieces of information to know when pursuing compensation after a rideshare accident:

  • Some insurance companies have loopholes that minimize their responsibility.
  • Uber and Lyft don’t have protection for their drivers because it’s a contract job.
  • Uber and Lyft are not required to give injured drivers workers’ compensation.

Other forms of transportation such as trains, taxis, and buses have very different insurance policies which protect you if you are severely injured in an accident. Uber and Lyft vary from that slightly. While they do offer some protections and coverage for their passengers, their drivers are not so well protected. Their policies include loopholes that can really make things tricky. They categorize their employees as contractors so that they are not required by law to protect them in the case of an accident. Also, because their drivers are contractors, they are not eligible for workers’ compensation, which makes it that much more challenging. If you have a trusted Texas injury attorney on your side, they will be able to discuss all of your legal options as well as protect your best interests.

Texas Uber and Lyft Accidents

One big selling point with an Uber or a Lyft is that you can opt to take one rather than getting behind the wheel while intoxicated. The convenience of having the app right in your pocket makes it a marketable tool. The idea of having this accessibility to a safe way home was intended to reduce the number of drunk driving accidents on the road.

Unfortunately, a study done in 2016 showed that companies such as Lyft and Uber have not affected the number of traffic accidents ending in fatalities on the road. In fact, each year, the number of fatal traffic accidents seems to increase.

What you may not know about these rideshare companies is that, unlike bus and taxi drivers, the drivers who work for rideshare do not have to go through special training to get their job. The only requirement is that they have their own car, their own insurance, and a valid driver’s license. That means that your driver is about as likely to get in an accident as any other person on the road.

Avoid Ruining Your Rideshare Case

Like in any personal injury case, there is one sure way to jeopardize your chance of receiving full compensation— giving the insurance company a recorded statement. Shortly after the accident, you will likely be receiving a call from the liable party’s insurance company asking you to give them a recorded statement. You should understand that there is no legal obligation for you to give them a recorded statement. They will tell you that your case will resolve quicker, but that is not always in your best interest. If they get you to slip up during your interview, they will have that on record and can use it against you to reduce the amount of compensation that they owe you— something you certainly want to avoid. If you get an attorney on your case right away, they can protect you from this happening and take over all communication to protect your rights.

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