Truck Accident Case Mistakes

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What common mistakes should I avoid after a truck accident?


Truck Accident Case MistakesSome of the most common truck accident case mistakes that we see after a trucking accident or collision is clients not seeking immediate medical attention for whatever reason. Delayed medical care can prevent you from getting the treatment you need to get avoid permanent damage from the accident. Also, if you delay seeking medical care for any reason, the insurance company is going to use that as an excuse to throw away your case or decrease the value by saying you lied about your injuries. Second of all – and this is probably the most important one – is that they do not seek the assistance of an experienced trial lawyer in this area of the law. It is important to have an experienced hand guiding such a complex process. An experienced attorney knows to hire the experts needed to do an immediate crash reconstruction of the scene and how to take photos and videos of the vehicles involved in the scene.

A mistake would be to wait to bring a case to a lawyer. If someone were to approach a lawyer about their truck accident claim with a week left in their statute of limitations, that lawyer probably would not be able to help you. These cases take some time to develop and build. They also involve some time-sensitive factors. If you wait almost two years to pursue a case, there may be no evidence left of the accident. Witnesses may have gone missing, the vehicles may have been fixed, and you may have made some big errors along the way.

The sooner you get to a lawyer about your case, the better. You want to give them as much time as possible to make sure that you are on track to have a successful case. You also want to be able to do everything right from the beginning, which a lawyer can help ensure.

Lastly, it is a huge mistake to give a recorded statement to the insurance company. They will be looking to get a recorded statement from you regardless of what condition you are in after the accident. They won’t go easy on you just because you are suffering serious injuries from a truck accident. A recorded statement can ruin your case because the insurance reps are going to push to get you to answer in a way that will give them an excuse to either devalue your claim or throw it away altogether.

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