Wrongful Death Punitive Damages

Do you have questions about wrongful death punitive damages? Watch this video to learn what you need to know when seeking justice and compensation.

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Are punitive damages recoverable in wrongful death actions?


Not long ago I had a call from a couple who suffered serious injuries, including brain damage, due to someone’s gross carelessness, recklessness and negligence in Texas. They wanted to know whether punitive damages were recoverable in their circumstance. The answer is that punitive damages, or exemplary damages, are recoverable in Texas for what is called gross negligence, which is a high degree of recklessness on the part of the wrongdoer— the person who was careless, reckless, or engaging in dangerous activities and also in situations where the other person intentionally causes harm.
Wrongful Death Punitive Damages
We at the Chavez Law Firm have a broad knowledge base and experience with these types of cases. We are ready, willing, and able to help and guide you through the process and answer your questions. Most importantly, we are passionate about helping our clients and their loved ones get the justice and compensation that they deserve under the law. Please contact us.

Have you lost a loved one due to someone else’s negligence in Texas and have questions about wrongful death punitive damages? Contact experienced El Paso wrongful death lawyer Enrique Chavez Jr. today for a free case evaluation and case evaluation.

We are dedicated making this process easy for you and making sure the negligent party is held accountable.

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