Dangerous & Defective Product Liability Claims

Product manufacturers are responsible for ensuring that their products are well designed and tested before manufacturing them and distributing them to consumers. Likewise, retailers may be liable for any injury that results due to the retailer’s failure to disclose any risks associated with the product or any safety precautions that the consumer should take. Retailers can also be held liable if they assembled a product incorrectly before distributing it to a consumer. Both manufacturers and retailers are hesitant to admit liability and use their extensive resources to fight a claim, so do not hesitate to speak with a Texas personal injury lawyer from our firm if you need to file a product liability claim.

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Recovering Compensation for Dangerous Products

Product manufacturers must put their products through adequate testing before putting them on the market. Otherwise, consumers could suffer serious injury when the product proves to be dangerous. If you have been injured using a product that should not be considered safe for consumers, Chavez Law Firm can help. Our firm has 20 years of collective legal experience and can help you.

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Chavez Law Firm is committed to supporting the safety of the community. Our passion is to hold irresponsible people accountable for the damages and personal injury they have caused through their actions. Whether you have been injured by a negligent product manufacturer or in a car collision, our attorneys have what it takes to handle your case. We are always prepared for trial, so you can be sure of focused and capable representation throughout the course of your case. Contact our firm today for more information!