Winning Damages Against an Employer

If you’re interested in winning damages against an employer who has illegally wronged you in El Paso, call our office to get justice for your case.

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What potential damages can an employee win against an employer?


Winning Damages Against an EmployerI recently had a client who had been terminated from his job after working for the company for 20 years, and he asked me what sorts of compensation or damages he would be entitled to under the law. Different laws and statutes allow for different types of recovery for employment retaliation and discrimination cases. Generally, one is entitled to lost wages, not just in the past but lost wages in the future.

For example, if somebody is fired and they were making $100,000 a year, and they are able to find a job later on making $50,000 a year, obviously that is a $50,000 difference. Under the law, that person would be entitled to future loss of wages; in other words, the difference between what they’re making now and what they would have made had they not been retaliated against, discriminated against, or fired illegally. Also, generally, one is entitled to emotional trauma damages as a result of being fired illegally due to race, sex, age, sexual harassment, disability, discrimination, or maybe even a loved one’s illness.

You need to call an experienced trial attorney in this area of the law to guide you and answer all your questions. We at the Chavez Law Firm have a broad knowledge base and we are deeply experienced in this area of the law. We can guide and help you through the EEO process, if necessary, or any other process to help you get back to where you were before you were terminated, harassed, or discriminated against. Please give us a call.

Have you or a loved one been subjected to discrimination in the workplace in Texas and have questions about winning damages against an employer? Contact experienced El Paso employment law attorney Enrique Chavez Jr. today for a free case evaluation and case evaluation.

We are dedicated to helping our clients who have been illegally wronged in the workplace.

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