5 Ways To Get Ahead on Your Employment Case

Have you been subjected to discrimination in the workplace in Texas? Read these 5 ways to get ahead on your employment case, then call us now.

1. Collecting Unemployment

5 Ways To Get Ahead on Your Employment CaseSometimes clients who have been illegally discriminated against in the workplace ask if they are, in fact, entitled to employment. The answer is that it depends on numerous factors. One issue that factors in is 1) whether or not you were actually fired; 2) whether or not you “quit,”; or 3) whether or not you were forced to resign instead of being fired, aka a false retirement.

2. Different Types of Age Discrimination

Age discrimination is discrimination in the employment context against employers who are age 40 years old and older. It normally takes the form of verbal harassment, but can also take the form of just very simply treating older employees and workers differently from younger employees by giving younger employees better assignments or more training.

3. Discriminated Against Due to a Disability or Illness

Employees who feel that they have been discriminated against because of a disability or because of an illness should first and foremost find an attorney that has trial experience and who has experience in employment discrimination and retaliation laws. This area of law is unlike any other for many reasons. For one, this area of law can be complicated. It protects employees who are disabled, while also protecting employees for the serious medical conditions of their children – for example, if an employer fires an employee because they have a child going through chemotherapy. Fortunately, our nation’s laws and our state laws protect against such illegal discrimination.

4. Discriminated Against Due to Race or Ethnicity

Our nation’s and our state laws protect every employee on account of their race, on account of their national origin, or on account of their ethnicity. It doesn’t matter if your grandparents are from Sweden or South Africa or Columbia. The laws protect each and every one of us.

5. Filing a Discrimination Claim in Texas

Oftentimes, people seeking information or assistance in illegal employment discrimination cases are curious about how to begin the process of filing a complaint. The very first thing that you should do is find an experienced trial lawyer with experience in this area of the law because it can be complicated. You could conceivably file your own complaint directly with your employer, but that is a mistake. Oftentimes, clients don’t know how to correctly and legally make the complaint so that it gets the attention of Human Resources or the lawyers who work for the employer.

The very best thing that one can do is first hire a trial lawyer experienced in this area of the law, so that they can help you through the process of filing the complaint internally and externally, such as with the Equal Opportunity Commission when appropriate.

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