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Tips for a Successful Bicycle Accident Case

Here are a few tips to help you have a more successful bicycle accident case:

  1. Collect evidence at the scene
  2. Seek immediate medical attention
  3. Learn more about your case
  4. Contact an attorney right away

Immediately after the accident, there is a lot of evidence that can be collected. You can take photos of the scene, including your bicycle, the vehicle that hit you, any traffic lights or signs, and tire marks. You can also ask witnesses for contact information and get the insurance information from the person who hit you. Make sure you keep your bicycle, no matter what condition it is in. That bicycle is a key piece of evidence and, even if you cannot ride it anymore, you should keep it for your lawsuit.

The sooner you get to a doctor, the better. You need to look out for yourself, and getting the treatment that you need is essential. If you wait to receive treatment, the insurance company will grow suspicious that you are lying about your injuries and they will try to reduce or eliminate your case.

The more you learn about your bicycle accident case, the less likely you are to make an error that would negatively affect your case. Getting an attorney on your case as soon as possible will ensure that you are not missing any key steps that you could be taking to have a successful case.

How Texas Bicycle Accident Compensation Works

When you pursue compensation, you are looking to get a money award from the liable party’s insurance company. That award is determined by the extent of your injuries, the medical bills you have paid/will pay in the future, your lost wages, and how your life has been/will be affected by this accident. During insurance negotiations, your role in causing the bicycle accident will be determined. Texas is a state that allows you to collect a compensation award even if you are deemed partially at fault.

Modified Comparative Fault Rules:

  • Those with 0% fault will collect a full compensation award
  • Those with 1% – 50% fault will collect a reduced compensation award
  • Those with more than 50% fault will not collect a compensation award

For example, if someone was riding their bicycle, and they did not adhere to a stop sign which resulted in them getting hit, they will be deemed at fault. Because a cyclist is supposed to adhere to the same traffic laws as cars, they are liable for accidents if they acted negligently. If someone was deemed 20% at fault for an accident and their injuries and damages were awarded $10,000, they would have a reduced award of $8,000 to account for their role in causing the accident. Chavez Law Firm will work to protect your right to full and fair compensation.

Do Not Talk to the Liable Party’s Insurance Company

When you have a bicycle accident case, there are certain things that can go awry. Pursuing compensation from the person who hit you while you were on your bicycle can mean a few things:

  1. You are asking the liable party’s insurance company to compensate you for your injuries and damages.
  2. The insurance company is going to be immediately on the defense.
  3. The insurance company will reach out to you seeking a recorded statement.

The insurance company’s job is to protect their bottom line which means they are not looking out for your best interest. The insurance company knows the Texas modified comparative negligence laws and they know that, if they can get you to say something wrong, they can reduce or eliminate their responsibility to you.

Shortly after your accident, you can expect that they will be reaching out to you. They are not looking to help you out. They are looking to trick you into ruining your case. The best thing that you can do is let your attorney take over communication with the insurance company.

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