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Differences Between Truck Accident Claims and Car Crash Claims

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How are truck accident claims different than other injury claims?


Commercial truck crashes are very different than automobile crashes. The reason is the impact of the collision—these accidents can cause serious injury and even death. Differences Between Truck Accident Claims and Car Crash Claims What’s important for a client seeking help after being injured in a collision with an 18-wheeler is to seek an attorney who has trial experience in this area of the law. These are not like car crash cases. In this area of the law, an experienced lawyer knows to hire the right crash reconstruction experts, guide you through medical treatment, and how to prove negligence on the part of the commercial trucking company. There are three basic things we will look at: 1) a lack of supervision, 2) a lack of training in regards to the driver, and 3) faulty equipment. If a trucking company isn’t doing the necessary inspections, then it is a recipe for disaster on our roadways.

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