The question that you are likely facing is, “Where do I start?” If you are in need of compensation for physical or emotional damages, an El Paso personal injury lawyer from Chavez Law Firm can provide the quality counsel that you need in order to file a personal injury claim and hold someone accountable for their negligence.

Step 1: Hire an Attorney
The law does not require you to hire a lawyer in order to file a claim for personal injury. You stand a much higher chance of maximizing your compensation, however, when you have an attorney by your side. Even after paying the attorney’s fee, clients of personal injury lawyers usually walk away with more money in hand after their case is over than individuals who do not retain counsel.

Step 2: Investigate Your Case
Before filing your claim, you will need to do some informal investigation to ensure that you have a case and that there is valid evidence to support it. Our attorneys can help you gather evidence such as police reports, witness statements, photographs, doctors’ notes, medical evaluations, and more. Such evidence can help establish liability and can prove the full extent of your injuries and other damages.

Step 3: File a Lawsuit
Once you have evidence to back up your claim, you can file your lawsuit against the negligent party. The court requires that you provide certain forms and documents when you file, which is another reason why you can benefit from the guidance of an attorney. Once you file your claim, the defendant will be served a notice of the lawsuit and must provide an answer.

Step 4: Discovery
The legal process of discovery is a formal investigation of the case. Each party will present their case and will ask and be asked questions in order to move forward toward resolution. This process can also uncover additional evidence to support your case.

Step 5: Negotiation & Settlement
Once the discovery process is complete, both parties can negotiate in an effort to reach a fair settlement. Most cases end in settlement, since it is more cost effective and efficient to avoid trial if it isn’t necessary. Settlement doesn’t require a court case or any of the fees or scheduling issues that are involved in trial cases.

Step 6: Trial
When a settlement cannot be agreed upon, trial becomes necessary. The case will be brought before a judge and each party will argue their side. Further questions will be asked in order for the judge to make a final decision. With the counsel and representation of a quality attorney from our firm, you can have confidence that your court case will have the best possible chance to conclude successfully.


Get the counsel and guidance that you need when filing a personal injury claim by retaining Chavez Law Firm. We are dedicated to furthering the safety of our community. Our lawyers are also members of various legal associations, including the American Board of Trial Advocates and the American Association for Justice, which means that we pursue ongoing legal education on laws and strategies for personal injury. Contact us today for the excellent counsel and representation that you need!