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Timeline for a Truck Accident Injury Case

The timeline for a truck accident injury case is dependent on a number of factors. Schedule a free case evaluation today to discuss your case.


How long will it take to settle a truck accident case?


Timeline for a Truck Accident Injury CaseWhen we have clients who have been involved in trucking wreck cases, they always ask how long the case will take. One of the factors that goes into how long it takes to resolve a trucking case such is medical treatment. We first have to, as a matter of practicality, wait for the clients to finish with treatment or get to a point where they’ve reached maximum medical improvement. Once they’ve reached that maximum medical improvement, we begin to more aggressively push the case forward.

Another thing that factors I is whether or not the trucking company is negotiating in good faith. If the trucking company and the insurance companies aren’t negotiating in good faith, it’s going to take longer. However, we at the Chavez Law Firm are prepared for this. From the very beginning of a trucking crash case, we immediately hire our experts to go out to the scene of the car wreck and survey the entire wreck to take pictures and videos of the scene and also of all the vehicles. We also guide our clients through the maze of medical doctors and medical treatment that they have to go through because these are usually such serious injuries. If you have questions or concerns about your case involving an 18-wheeler or other big truck, please give us a call at the Chavez Law Firm. We have trial experience in these types of cases and we’re happy to answer any question you have in this regard.

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