3 Construction Accident Injury Tips

Were you seriously hurt on a job site and have questions? Learn about these 3 construction accident injury tips, then call our Texas lawyers.

1) Injury Claims

3 Construction Accident Injury TipsConstruction site injuries are quite complex. One reason is that, in a construction site, you may have many different companies involved. You have one company for electricians, another company for plumbers, another company for cement, and so on. Due to these issues, the first thing clients need to do is look for and hire an attorney with experience in this area of the law who understands the complexities at hand.

2) Giving a Recorded Statement

After an injury sustained at a construction site, either as an employee at the construction site or as a guest to the construction site, it is never a good idea to speak to the insurance representative or the company representative to give a statement. Insurance representatives aren’t there to get the full story. They’re there, very simply, to try to get you or whoever was injured on the construction site to give a version that absolves their client of responsibility for the injuries that they’ve caused.

3) Reporting an Injury

Sometimes when clients get injured on a construction site, they want to know if they should report their injury to a boss, supervisor, or manager. The answer is yes, your injury should always be reported, and it should be done in writing with confirmation that the injury has been reported. But it doesn’t stop there — depending on the injury, they should immediately seek medical attention.

Once those two things—writing an injury report and seeking medical attention—are completed, then you need to look for and hire an experienced trial lawyer.

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