4 Common Questions About a Burn Injury

If you or a loved one suffered a serious burn, read these 4 common questions about a burn injury. Then, contact our Texas lawyers today.

1) What should I consider when choosing an attorney for a burn injury?

4 Common Questions About a Burn InjuryCatastrophic injuries are horribly painful, burn injuries can cause lifelong scarring and impairment. If you have suffered a burn injury and are looking for a burn injury attorney, it is crucial that you look for an attorney with trial experience and experience in this area of the law. An attorney with the right experience and who is a trial lawyer will know how to guide you through everything, from getting the correct medical treatment and care to receiving full and fair compensation from the insurance companies of those responsible for your burn injuries.

2) What are some common mistakes that I should avoid after a burn injury?

When people get burn injuries, one mistake they make is not seeking immediate medical attention. If they have sought out emergency medical treatment, the next big mistake they make is not hiring a trial attorney with experience in this area of the law. Another common mistake is providing a statement to the insurance adjuster or the representative of those who are responsible for the burn injuries, which our firm never recommends. If you hire an attorney who has trial experience and experience with burn injuries, they can help you not only to get the medical treatment that you deserve, but also guide you through the complexities of the legal process.

3) Should I talk to an insurance company about my burn injury?

After you have a burn injury, our firm advises that you should never speak with an insurance company representative or the representative of the negligent defendant. It’s been our experience that these representatives or insurance adjusters are not in the business of getting the full story. Their goal is to get you on record saying something that absolves their insurance company or their negligent defendant from liability so that they don’t have to compensate you full and fairly for the injuries they caused.

4) How long will a burn injury settlement take?

Burn injury cases are catastrophic injury cases that often result in lifelong scarring and disfigurement. They can also result in long term pain and suffering due to not just one but multiple skin graft procedures. Because of the nature of these types of cases, it may take a little longer to resolve burn cases. The other thing that adds to how long it takes to resolve a case is whether or not the insurance companies of those responsible for the burn injuries negotiate in good faith. When insurance companies and defendants do not negotiate in good faith, those cases often go to trial.

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