Delays in a Wrongful Death

You’re likely confused about what can happen if there are any delays in a wrongful death. Watch this video to learn more about the options available to you.


What if my relative lives for some time after the incident then dies later?


Delays in a Wrongful DeathI recently had a call from a client who came to me after their loved one survived for a period of time after a serious injury caused by somebody else’s negligence, only to die later. Under these circumstances, a person would be entitled as a wrongful death beneficiary or, as a survivor (usually a parent, child or spouse), to compensation under the law from the wrongdoers who caused that death. Under the law, a survivor or wrongful death beneficiary is entitled to the economic losses that they have lost as a result of not getting compensation from a parent, an adult child, or a spouse, as well as emotional trauma damages.

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