Expert Witnesses in a Truck Accident Case

At Chavez Law Firm, we understand why expert witnesses in a truck accident case are so important. Watch this video to learn why they are used in a case.


Will expert witnesses be necessary to prove fault in my truck accident case?


In trucking crash cases, which are usually involving very serious injuries and oftentimes wrongful death, it is very important – in fact, it is a must – that you identify and hire the correct experts for proving fault on the part of the driver and also the trucking company or the company that employs that driver. An expert, or a battery of experts, will help prove that the driver was operating the truck in a negligent, reckless or careless manner. The expert can also help prove that the truck was possibly not maintained in a safe manner for use on our community roadways, as well as identify whether or not there was negligent supervision or negligent hiring in the case of the driver.

Expert Witnesses in a Truck Accident CaseWe at the Chavez Law Firm identify and can reach out to the experts, not just locally but also nationally, to help you prove your case against this negligent driver and trucking company. If you or your family find yourself in this situation, please give the Chavez Law Firm a call, and we can help guide you through this process. More importantly, we are passionate about helping you and your family get the compensation that you deserve, fully, under the law for your losses.

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