Negligent Security Injury Cases

Negligent Security Injury CasesWere you assaulted and seriously injured on someone else’s property? Did a security guard fail to prevent an attack from taking place? Experienced El Paso attorney Enrique Chavez, Jr. has handled many negligent security injury cases. At Chavez Law Firm, we strive to keep our community safe and its residents protected. If you were the victim of a preventable assault, contact our office today to learn more about negligent security injury cases. We are here to help.

Negligent Security Injury Cases | Building a Successful Case

Negligent security cases typically take place in shopping malls, public stores, hotels, gas stations, and parking lots in areas with a high rate of crime. If you want to have a successful negligent security case, there are a few things that you need to be aware of. While you may be able to bring your injury case against the person who is personally responsible for harming you, it is often a more successful avenue to bring your claim against the owner of the property where you were harmed. With that approach, you go after negligent security damages rather than a civil case against one person who you may or may not be able to track down.

To successfully bring your negligent security case, you need to do four things:

  1. You need to prove that the property was owned by the liable party where you were seriously injured.
  2. You need to prove that there was knowledge that the conditions of the property left room for injuries and that no one took any prevention measures.
  3. You need to prove that the security at the property was insufficient.
  4. You need to prove that, because of all these factors, you were harmed.

Negligent Security Injury Cases | Property Owner Liability

Common crimes that are associated with negligent security cases include armed robbery, assault, rape, and theft. In order for a negligent security case to be successful, you need to prove that the property owner was negligent in the safety measures (or lack thereof) taken to prevent your injury. For example, the property owner’s failure to install locks, gates, or fencing could all be reasons why your injury occurred.

In order for your case to be successful:

  • The property owner you’re bringing your case against needs to have been aware that they were missing some crucial safety measures.
  • The property owner must then have always been aware that an injury like yours was a possibility and have done nothing to prevent it from happening.

The property owner will be held responsible for the injuries and damages that befell you due to their lack of security if you can prove those two things.

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Finding the right lawyer to represent you is a very important aspect to having a successful claim. Choose someone who has proven success with this type of case. Our El Paso negligent security lawyers are here to support your journey to receiving compensation in the fullest and fairest amount. Please call our office today to set up your free initial consultation.

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