Determining Pay for New Employees

When determining pay for new employees, employers may only consider factors that don’t violate discrimination laws. Watch this video to learn more.


Isn’t it illegal for someone who was hired after me to make more money that I do?


Determining Pay for New EmployeesWe recently had a call from an employee who was concerned because the company that he was working for had just hired a new employee, doing the same job that this person had been doing and had been doing for many, many years, but this employee was making more money. Is that illegal? The answer is it may be. In fact, under those sorts of circumstances, an experienced trial lawyer in this area of the law, this area of the law being labor and employment, will know to ask the right questions. For example, is this employee much younger than the person who is being paid less? Is this younger employee being primed to replace maybe an older employee, or a woman, or somebody who has been recently injured or suffered an illness?

We at the Chavez Law Firm have a broad knowledge base in this area of the law, as well as deep experience, including trial experience. We are happy to help anyone who finds themselves in this situation, if the situation under the law is correct. If you find yourself in this situation, do not delay. Do not hesitate to call the Chavez Law Firm. We can guide you through the EEO process or whatever other process is necessary. Understand that we are passionate about helping our clients get the just compensation that they deserve under the law.

Have you or a loved one been subjected to discrimination in the workplace in Texas and have questions about determining pay for new employees? Contact experienced El Paso employment law attorney Enrique Chavez Jr. today for a free case evaluation and case evaluation.

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