Employment Discrimination Damages

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What kinds of damages could I be entitled to for a discrimination case?


Employment Discrimination DamagesOftentimes, when I have clients or potential clients come to me to ask questions about their workplace situation, where they’re being discriminated against, harassed or retaliated against, they want to know what can be done, especially in circumstances where they’ve already been fired. Generally, under various laws in Texas, if an employee is fired due to an illegal reason, such as age, sex, race, disability, a serious illness or injury for themselves or a loved one, depending on the circumstances, you are entitled to protection from discrimination, retaliation, and harassment.

Under those circumstances, you are also entitled to receive economic losses, if you have been fired from a job and have economic losses. You are entitled to emotional pain and suffering due to the trauma of losing your job or being harassed, and, oftentimes, in many circumstances, you are entitled to compensation for your attorneys’ fees for having to hire a lawyer in the first place.

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