Filing a Discrimination Claim

Filing a Discrimination ClaimOftentimes, people seeking information or assistance in filing a discrimination claim in Texas are curious about how to begin the process. The very first thing that you need to do is find an experienced trial lawyer. You could conceivably file your own complaint directly with your employer, but that is a mistake. It takes a skilled attorney who has had years of experience in employment law to make sure you are successful. That is where we can help.

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Filing a Gender Discrimination Claim in Texas

Our nation’s laws and our state laws protect employees from being treated differently because they are either a man or a woman. Discrimination can take many forms. If a woman is paid, say, $0.72 on the dollar for the exact same work that a man does, that is a difference in treatment and that is discrimination. If women are held to a higher or different standard for purposes of discipline, compared to a man or vice versa, that is illegal discrimination.

What’s important for you to do, if you are in this situation, is find and hire an attorney with extensive trial experience in this area of the law. If the company or the employer were to retaliate against you, a lawyer can work to get your job back, recoup lost wages, and receive full and fair compensation for all the emotional trauma that the employer and their supervisor, mangers or other employees have caused you.

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