Pregnancy Discrimination

Expecting a child should be a happy time in your life, so you shouldn’t have to tolerate pregnancy discrimination at your place of work. Watch this video.


Do I have any recourse if I feel I am being discriminated against at work for being pregnant?


Pregnancy DiscriminationI recently had a call from a young woman who got pregnant. During her pregnancy, the employer, supervisor, and manager at her workplace started harassing her, giving her more work, and defining unrealistic expectations as to her job duties. The question she wanted answered was whether or not she is protected under the law, and I was very happy to tell her that she was. There is no reason, under Texas law or national laws, that a woman who is pregnant should have to withstand harassment, discrimination or retaliation in the workplace just because she is pregnant.

If you find yourself in this situation, or your spouse or loved one finds themselves in this situation, it is important that you act immediately. Find an experienced trial attorney in this area of the law. We at the Chavez Law Firm have deep-rooted experience in this area of the law and, moreover, we are passionate about protecting our clients’ rights and helping our clients get the just compensation that they deserve under the law because somebody else thought it was okay to discriminate against them because they’re a woman or because they’re pregnant.

Have you or a loved one been subjected to discrimination in the workplace in Texas and have questions about pregnancy discrimination? Contact experienced El Paso employment law attorney Enrique Chavez Jr. today for a free case evaluation and case evaluation.

We are dedicated to fighting for your rights and making sure the unlawful party is held accountable.

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